Who am I?

I’m Matt. I’m Drappa.

Here’s a few facts about me:

I have really fluffy hair when I let it grow out.

I became a follower of Christ when I was like…6? I’ve had a lot of battles but have come back to new depths in God time after time throughout my life. 

Last year I came close to God on a year-out, missional living young-people’s year in Sheffield where I learnt about his incredible love and grace as well as his power and awesomeness.

I’m attracted to guys, rather than girls. I’m gay.

I’m one of eleven kids from an amazingly imaginative, creative family.

I’m white, British and act middle class (kinda) even though I’m technically (and clearly) working class.

I mostly have first world problems, let’s be honest.

I’m pushing through at the moment to realize my destiny as a son of God, as one of his chosen people, as alive in Christ.


I am ashamed of the fact that I spent ten years in the closet. And that I kept silent for such a long time while I saw and knew pain.

I know that God used me in that time. But I wish I’d done more.

I am a huge fan of the Muppets.

I still watch Friends on TV and laugh at the punchlines — even though I know them all almost word for word (I’m like my Granddad used to be with Dad’s Army…perish the thought.)

I absolutely LOVE to dance. Even if I do look a bit like Groot when i do…

I have a really low physical pain tolerance and get distracted by stuff like tooth ache till it’s all I can think about. Luckily I almost never get sick and have never broken anything.

I love kids, and want my own family one day — whatever that looks like. (I didn’t used to be a fan of babies, but lately I get broody whenever I meet one!)

I believe in family, friendship, community and shared lives. Also in accountability and honesty.


I used to have a pet Goat named Tansbury (I sold him to buy a camera {what???} when I was 14)

I spend more on my phone contract than I should because I keep paying the bill late, even though I don’t even have a smart phone (I am not proud of that.)

I love and respect my mom and dad. We often have differing views but we both love God incredibly and serve him.

I always like to be the tallest person in a group — I was voted the “Tallest Employee” at my current workplace, and intend for it to stay that way.

I’m mostly joyful, but sometimes go down a bit for a while, though I never lose sight of the brighter side of life in an circumstances.

I have a lot more about myself that I can say. I am many things (including a gay Christian). I am on a journey, and part of that journey is figuring out how God can use my uniqueness to help bring me into fullness of life and how I can help bring others into fullness of life too.

I believe that heaven can be accessed here, and now, and that God is with us, cheering us on.

Join me on my journey here, in comments and on Twitter @mattdrapps

Much love! — Drapps

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3 Responses to Who am I?

  1. Zoe says:

    Hi Matt, thanks for sharing. My pastor just lent me a book by someone called Rosaria champagne butterflied ( former gay activist in the states and lecturer). I haven’t read it yet and wondered if you have ever heard of her? I have a tenuous link with a family member of yours and had watched th doc. Of your sister a long long time ago. I amo a Christian too and have 5 children this far. I think the church just doesn’t know how to deal with gay people…I will read that book soon.


  2. Mummy Rivett says:

    Why did I not know about this blog before. I love you all the more for writing this, remember that day you came to M&S, we originally bonded over Muppets then found out we were Christians and then finally part of the rainbow. You are so awesome Matt, I support and honour you in every way I possibly can. You are beautiful and was born for such a time as this.

    Mummy Rivett loves you

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