Calling a Spade a Spade

Today I was told that it seemed too much like I was taking on an identity by using expressions such as “Gay Christian” or “Gay Rights Activist”*, so I thought I’d pop on here to explain what I mean by those terms, so that I could refer back to this post in the future, rather than having to always re-explain myself.

For me its virtually the same as saying I’m a blonde-haired Christian, a British Christian or a Baptist-CofE-FreeChurch-Mix-Christian. It’s simply an expression that gets the job done.

When I say about myself, “I’m a Gay Christian”, I mean this*: 

I am a SON of God (adopted, bought with a price, chosen, specially designed, loved), a Temple of the Holy Spirit (he lives in me, I live in him, we are one, united, brought together through Christ), part of a Holy Priesthood (called into mission, called to live for Christ and to lay down my life for him), His Workmanship (being shaped by God day-by-day), Forgiven (covered by the incredibly generous sacrifice of God’s own son), an Overcomer (not just dead to sin in Christ, but risen in Him I can do all things through Christ), Seated in Heavenly Places (invited into the throne room of grace, blasted constantly by God’s indescribable beauty), LOVED (God’s love for me is really the only thing that I can depend on and that’s a GREAT thing to depend on), oh, and I am also romantically attracted to men.

I don’t use that identifier ANYWHERE else other than WITHIN the conversation of ‘God’s Will for Same Sex Attracted People’, so its simply a signpost as to why I am involved in that conversation. “Why are you even here???”, “I’m a Gay Christian.”, “Okay, that’s interesting, what has God been saying about…”

See, I don’t refer to myself as ‘Gay Drappa’ and I have no intention of doing so. I have many other, much more interesting aspects to my personality! It’s just important to me to put it out there right off the bat that “I’ve not given up my faith to follow some gay agenda, I am a gay Christian.”*

I usually don’t feel like saying, “I am a Son of God who is Same Sex Attracted” when the description “Gay Christian” fits in less than half as many words and does the job. It refers to a Christian who is Gay. That’s the whole point of that word.

My hope is that, in time, I’ll be able to simply refer to myself not as a gay Christian, not as a SOG with SSA, but simply as “Matt Drapper.”


*If the term Gay Rights Activist seems out of place, feel free to replace it with the expression, “Human Rights Activist.”

*Most of the descriptions were borrowed from this post here

*And don’t get me started on the phrase Gay Agenda………..(Interesting post on the subject here.)

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