Be the world’s Valentine

Ahhh…Saint Valentine…It’s the time of year when we take note of this chap, and what he stood for. There’s some mixed reports over his exact life and death, but his martyrology remembers him for secretly performing marriages against the orders of the Roman overlords.


earth kiss

Emperor Claudius II had declared unmarried men fought better in war, and would not allow marriages to take place, but Saint Valentine believed it was better for people in love to be committed to one another in marriage. After being jailed, he prayed for the jailer’s blind daughter’s sight to be restored and by a miracle it was. As a result, the jailer came to believe in God. Later, Saint V was beheaded for what he believed.


Makes you think! Are there areas of your life where your commitment to showing and allowing love is worth dying for? Have you recently stood against national injustice? (i.e. Standing with the Junior Doctors, helping welcome refugees, etc) And is there an area of your life where you would love to see a miracle?

This Valentine’s Day, enjoy the moments, be yourself, and have a think, “What do I stand for? And what do I long to see?”

Have a great Valentine’s!

han solo


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