Jesus’ Prayer – Our Response

You know those days when you start tweeting and you just can’t stop? The words come pouring out like water from a jug and you just go on writing. I had one of those eveings on Monday. I used to think of them as “Twitter Rants” but I guess they are “Twitter Outpourings”. I’ve always thought of my Twitter account as my brain in a glass jar, available to be read.

What I wrote on Monday has stuck with me, so I’ve pasted it together below.

“I honestly think the church is just stalling for time. I love you guys, but really…you have got to stop running scared and start trusting that God has got this. We’re living in a beautiful moment where unity is just waiting like a cloud in a dessert. It’s coming, we can feel it, but it’s not quite… We can worship God alone, at home, just fine. But church is a place to come and do that together. Let’s DO that together… Are you ready? God is saying, Let me people COME that they may worship me. Its like Moses to Pharaoh. It’s about freedom. It’s about worship. It’s not about sexuality…yeah, yeah, yeah…some people like guys, some people like girls…FAMILY is bigger than that. Church is too. The Gay Agenda isn’t undermining churches role in society, the church is weakening because it keeps fracturing under its own weight.Under its own fear, it’s own cliques, it’s own “If you’re like us, come on in” clubs, it’s “Don’t change the music!”s, it’s westernness…

In one of Jesus’ most powerful, but still unanswered prayers, he prayed that we would become One. That we would finish what he started…He started it a long time ago, with a garden and a couple of people, and he wanted us to be this big old family. And we screwed that up big time. Sure. And it’s taken us millennia to get the plan back on track — I mean, Jesus had to take a lot of flack. Jesus had to take all the pent up, washed up, painful, complicated crap for us, you know, so we could come back together and be family again.

So, yeah, that’s my rant over. Just…come on church…start breathing again. Stop being so afraid of the unknown. Sow the seed, take a risk. “Let my people come.” And he’s talking all his people. Gay, straight, bi, depressed, wealthy, poor… The real question is, “Do they love?” Or really, not even that. The question is, “Do we love?” Or, as Jesus got asked that one time, “Who is my neighbour?”


Let’s think about the “How” of the above. What will it look like to have a church with open doors, open arms and open hearts? What role will church politics play in producing the reality of being One? What individual steps can we take to be a part of the Whole?

I’m praying, as Jesus did, that we become One family, as he is one God.

If you have feedback or idea on moving forward, speak to me @mattdrapps on Twitter.


(Jesus prayer picture taken from here:

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