Forgive and Embrace (and oppose?)

Here’s a messy stream of consciousness from my brain to yours — thoughts on Forgiveness, Donald Trump Supporters and Love in the Midst of.

This first image (off of Twitter) is one of the most challenging that I have ever laid eyes on. Even its layers have layers. (The second image is the original, recently photographed on a car in America). Let’s talk about this.

It’s actually too complex this one. It’s a rabbit-hole of a picture once you start asking the questions. i.e. Forgiveness? What does that look like? What does it even mean? And what does it look like to forgive utterly while simultaneously absolutely condemning abusive behaviour?

Love…love is a messy, multi-layered journey of a thing. Forgiveness, I think, is similar. It’s not as easily defined as we might normally assume.

Add the words, “Unconditional” to love and/or forgiveness and suddenly the complexity rises exponentially. Throw a mirror in there (Love as you want to be loved,forgive as you want to be forgiven) and it doubles down on complexity.

Mind you, mirrorwise, I know if I was a Trump supporter sporting a sticker like that I’d want my forgiveness with a side-order of “WTF do you think you’re supporting?” Maybe not fully unconditional in the traditional sense, maybe just fully EMBRACING but with an acknowledgement of difference in understanding. Not distance, but difference.

What does it look like to Forgive, Love, Embrace and Oppose? (After a lifetime of deeply personally-felt attack phrases like, “Love the sinner, hate the sin,” I’m torn to even be asking myself how to Love the Voter, Oppose the Vote.)

This image has captured one of my current very present debates: What does love/forgiveness look like in the MIDST of personal (or national) battle?

Most forgiveness occurs after the event (think of Corrie ten Boom forgiving her Concentration Camp guard after WW2, Heidi Baker’s friend forgiving her husband after he died, or even Jesus at the end of time saying “It is finished. I forgive you.”) But what of forgiveness (being forgiven, and forgiving) in the middle?

And that’s what the inside of my brain looks like, ladies and gentlemen. A stumbled upon image, a debate, a stringy uncompleted series of questions, and above it all, “Love? Questionmark?” painted in rainbow colours.

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